…and so I’m not homeless, but it’s still an adventure.

I’m not homeless, and I’d prefer to keep it that way. I’m working on trying to find new work, both freelance work as well as maybe something on the side, at least, to help stabilize me.

Even if I did go homeless, hope is not lost. I will remain optimistic, of course.

But, isn’t life really an adventure if you look at it the right way? And what does next month hold? I don’t know! But I’m excited to find out. I’m hoping to get some new clients.

At church I was blessed financially today. No, I did not ask for money or anything. But I did let the church family know of my situation.

For me, it’s important to have my church family there. I don’t know what I’d do without them. God does provide, I believe. Sometimes, we are his hands. I want to be a blessing to others once I find myself in a position where I’m more prosperous again.

Anyway, I’m getting the business cards out. Tomorrow, I plan on getting on a bus and visiting small businesses around, giving out my business card.

Here’s the mistake a lot of web designers make, and I have made; many of us, when starting out, have a tendency to look online only. Well, that’s not exactly the way it’ll work in reality. If you want good clients and plenty of them, you have to get out of your box and network with people. You have to go to the businesses and make it happen. Not everyone is checking Craig’s List and other sites to look for a web designer every day. For a lot of people, they may want a website but it may just be in the back of their minds right now. When you hand them that business card, it comes to the forefront of their minds.

By the way, Craig’s List is not the best place to find web design work.

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