And so I’m out on an adventure…

I have to be out of my place by this Saturday. “This sucks”, “What the #*&!”, “This shouldn’t be happening to someone who graduated as one of the top students in his class in college” and “What am I going to do?”. All these things and more would be my reaction to the situation, but I’ve decided to look at this as an adventure.

You see, early last year, I had a full time job as a junior web developer at a real estate marketing company called 1ParkPlace. I had it for 4 months after leaving Vons, a grocery store I had been working at for two years. Four months into my new job, they let a lot of us go, and I was one of the first to go from the production team. That was the first disappointment.

I decided that, rather than go back to the grocery store and get my job back, I would find freelance work. And find freelance work I did. It was rough at first, and then I started finding work. It was great, but the work has not been consistent. Towards December and Janaruy, I found myself being threatened with homelessness.

I had filled out some applications in the meantime. I realized I needed something to stabilize me. I had an interview at an Albertsons grocery store near me. I figured “This is great! I’ll get the job with no problem!”


You work a junior web development job that you left another grocery store for, for a whole four months, and suddently, you have a new label on you; OVERQUALIFIED!

This is a good thing in a way, because it truly means that maybe you won’t have to go back to that kind of job. But, it sucks because it can be quite a pain getting into a better job. And I was willing to commit a year to Albertsons at least. It wasn’t like I was going to bail on them at the first full time web design/development opportunity. I even told them that. But I guess they felt it was a lie. It wasn’t. But how would they know?

And so my quest goes on! I’ll be out this Saturday and rather than looking at this as a problem, I will be looking at it as more of an adventure! And an adventure it shall be! Couch surfing, maybe traveling to other cities, and whatnot! I could possibly visit some good friends up in Redding, too, given the opportunity!

I invite you to join me in my journeys here on this blog! I’ll make it fun, and you won’t regret it! The homeless bit, that’s only temporary. But the entire journey will be marvelous!

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